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Draft BEREC Work Programme 2020 for Stakeholders

Starting: 15 Mar Ending

0 days left (ends 23 Apr)

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BEREC Work Programme 2020:
Stakeholder Call for Input

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Each year, following consultation with interested parties, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) adopts a Work Programme (WP) for the following calendar year. BEREC transmits the adopted annual WP to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission. BEREC is now commencing the development of its 2020 WP, which will be adopted in December 2019.

The WP is developed and conducted in line with BEREC’s three strategic pillars[1], which are derived from the policy objectives and regulatory principles, which its members are required to apply, pursuant to Article 8 of the Framework Directive[2].

These three strategic pillars, on which BEREC annual WPs are based are:

  • Promoting competition and investment
  • Promoting the internal market
  • Empowering and protecting end users

BEREC’s medium term strategy (BEREC Strategy 2018-2020[3]) identifies five specific strategic priorities. These strategic priorities take market and technological developments into account and have the function of guiding BEREC’s work in the medium term and serve as the blueprint for BEREC´s annual work programmes.

The five strategic priorities identified in the medium term strategy are:

  • Responding to connectivity challenges and to new conditions for access to high-capacity networks
  • Monitoring potential bottlenecks in the distribution of digital services
  • Enabling 5G and promoting innovation in network technologies
  • Fostering a consistent approach of the net neutrality principles
  • Exploring new ways to boost consumer empowerment

For the WP development process of the 2020 WP, BEREC is, in the same manner as in 2019, seeking initial input from external stakeholders through a call for input. This allows BEREC to receive a broader stakeholder input at an early stage. In parallel with this call for input, BEREC will also, as in previous years, seek input from NRAs and the European Commission. Similarly, input will be sought from BEREC Expert Working Groups who are tasked with delivery on the projects and workstreams which make up the WP.

BEREC annual WP, typically, includes roughly thirty projects, including recurring benchmarking projects. The number of potential projects, proposed by both external and internal stakeholders, normally exceed this number so there is a requirement to consolidate and prioritise the proposals to reduce the number of projects in the WP to match the capacity of the EWGs.

One new element, after the adoption of the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) and the BEREC Regulation, is the Outline of the annual WP, which the Board of Regulators shall adopt by 31 January of the year preceding that to which the annual WP relates. The Outline BEREC WP 2020[4] seeks to address current regulatory challenges as well as prepare for the new challenges set out in the EECC and the BEREC Regulation. The Outline WP 2020 includes carry-over items from WP 2019 together with the following additional items, which are considered for implementation in 2020:

  • BEREC Strategy beyond 2020
  • BEREC input to the Roaming Regulation
  • Exchange on the impact of the Public Sector Information Directive
  • Workshop on NRA experiences with 5G
  • Exchange on regulatory system on platform markets
  • Internet Value Chain

In addition to what was already set out in the Outline WP 2020, BEREC has identified further potential items, mainly in relation to the EECC, for consideration to the WP 2020:

  • The need for further exchange on consumer protection issues (e.g. comparison of Member States tools/websites for comparing telecoms services )
  • How to define and supervise number-independent interpersonal communications services; including consumer, competition and privacy aspects
  • Proactive preparations for the new Relevant Markets Recommendation
  • Further work on the calculation of WACC parameters in relation to the guidance of the EC

In 2020 BEREC also aims to continue building on its much valued cooperation with other organisations, in particular OECD, RSPG, ENISA and ITU on relevant issues of mutual interest.

Process for development of BEREC WP 2020

To achieve as broad a stakeholder input as possible, BEREC is now seeking input through this call for input on what topics and projects should be included in the WP 2020. This call for input will be part of the first stage of what will be a two-stage process, whereby projects suggested by external and internal stakeholders will be appraised, consolidated with similar/related projects and prioritised to form a draft WP 2020. This draft WP will then be published for further public consultation in October 2019 and, subject to comments received, finalised in December 2019. For clarity, the stages in the process, along with an indicative timeframe, are set out below.

Annex 1: Two-stage process for development of WP 2020

This call for input corresponds to Stage 1, as set out above and BEREC requests that stakeholders propose potential projects that they consider should be included in the WP 2020. In order to allow BEREC to consistently appraise the importance, relevance and potential benefit of all proposals received, it is necessary for stakeholders to provide a minimum set of data with their proposal. In particular, respondents are requested to link their proposed project to BEREC’s strategic pillars and strategic priorities and briefly explain how the completion of the project will contribute to the advancement of these objectives. It is likely that some proposals will relate to more than one strategic pillar or priority. In such cases, respondents should select the second most appropriate strategic pillar that the proposed project is intended to address.

Please note that BEREC does not limit the number of proposed project each stakeholder can make. However, the full details of the proposal will be required for BEREC to properly evaluate the merits of the project. Respondents are therefore requested to be as specific and detailed as possible when responding to the questionnaire. For example to state: name of project and a description including the specific type of deliverable.

Respondents are similarly asked to give their views on the identified potential items for consideration to the WP 2020, which are mainly in relation to the EECC and set out above. Even though the Outline WP is decided, BEREC has not yet finally decided on the WP for 2020. Hence, stakeholders’ input are of great value. Worth to notice is that any mandatory tasks that BEREC is required to undertake following the EEEC will take priority over other proposals received from either external or internal stakeholders.

BEREC also reserves the right to ensure that the WP 2020 achieves a balance across its five strategic priorities. Finally, having regard for the capabilities of BEREC’s EWGs and in order to facilitate a transition to a more multi-annual work structure, BEREC will consider rolling a number of meaningful projects into completion beyond 2020.

Responses to this call for input should be made by Tuesday, 23 April 2019 18:00 CET through the following link: https://consultations.berec.europa.eu/en

Further enquiries about the consultation including registration with the online platform may also be submitted to this address: BEREC-WP-2020@berec.europa.eu

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Call for input to BEREC Work Programme 2020


Note: * indicates a mandatory field.

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Outline BEREC WP 2020


Stakeholders are requested to give their input regarding the Outline WP 2020 and specifically the additional items presented in Chapter 7 of the Outline.

If stakeholders do not agree with the additional items, they are asked to;
1. indicate briefly in this section (Outline BEREC WP 2020) what item they would prefer instead
2. provide more details on the item by exemplifying it in a project below (Projects)

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Potential items


Stakeholders are requested to give their input regarding the identified potential items for consideration to the WP 2020, which are mainly in relation to the EECC and set out in the consultation document.

If stakeholders do not agree with the potential items, they are asked to;
1. indicate briefly in this section (Potential items) what item they would prefer instead
2. provide more details on the item by exemplifying it in a project below (Projects)

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Stakeholders are requested to complete their input using the following pro forma for each individual project they propose.

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Other input


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If you would like to send a file please send it to: BEREC-WP-2020@berec.europa.eu

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[1] These three ‘strategic pillars’ were laid down in 2014 when BEREC adopted the Medium Term Strategy 2015-2017 document. Note that BEREC published its first strategic outlook on 23 February 2012, for the period 2012-2015.

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[2] Directive 2002/21/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, as amended.

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[3] BoR (17) 175 http://berec.europa.eu/eng/document_register/subject_matter/berec/annual_work_programmes/7310-berec-strategy-2018-2020

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[4] https://berec.europa.eu/eng/document_register/subject_matter/berec/annual_work_programmes/8365-outline-for-berec-work-programme-2020

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